Sample processing - sampling, transport, storage, DNA isolation

The amplification success depends mostly on the quality of the purified NA. The highest sensitivity in PCR detection can be achieved when you have first-rate sample preparation only. The quality of sample preparation depends not only on isolation procedure but also on timing of collection (clinical relevancy), transport and storage conditions. The presence of conservation agents in transport media could lead to PCR inhibition as well. Taking together all these facts, the isolation procedure must be rigorously tested to avoid false negative results.

EliGene® isolation kits offer the customer optimized solution with the high quality reagents for manual preparation. EliGene® isolation kits are rigorously tested in order to exclude the presence of contaminants and PCR inhibitors. Together with EliGene® detection kits, including Internal Control, EliGene® isolation kits provide optimal solution for accurate and high sensitive diagnostics.