Mycoplasma hominis / genitalium

Kit: EliGene® Mycoplasma hom/gen UNI Kit (ref: 90052-UNI)
Package size:
50 reactions
Analytical specificity: Mycoplasma hominis, Mycoplasma genitalium
Analytical sensitivity: 1 – 10 copies of bacterial DNA in the amplified sample
Specimens: urine, swabs (cervical, urethral)
Compatible instruments:
ABI 7300, ABI 7500 (FAST) (Applied Biosystems); LightCycler® 480, LightCycler® Nano, LightCycler® 2.0 (Roche); RotorGene 6000 or RotorGene Q (Qiagen); MyGo Mini, MyGo Pro (IT-IS Life Science)
CE certification: yes
Detected DNA region: genome (gap gene – M. hominis; mgpB gene – M. genitalium)
Detection technology: Molecular Beacons, multiplex PCR distinguishes between M. hominis and M. genitalium in LC kit
Clinical study description and results:
Within the frame of testing the functional characteristics of EliGene® Mycoplasma hom/gen UNI kit, totally 60 clinical specimens were analyzed. The EliGene® Mycoplasma hom/gen UNI kit diagnosed correctly as Mycoplasma hominis and Mycoplasma genitalium positive 7 specimens. Totally 53 specimens were rightly detrmined by EliGene® Mycoplasma hom/gen UNI kit as Mycoplasma hominis and Mycoplasma genitalium negative.
Sensitivity: 100%
Specificity: 100%
Pathogen description:
Mycoplasma sp. are bacteria belonging to the family Mycoplasmataceae that are a group of microorganisms that can involve the respiratory and genital tracts in man to produce clinical disease. They are found in about 70% of sexually active humans. Mycoplasma hominis is associated with pelvic inflammatory disease, bacterial vaginitis, post partum fever, sepsis and infections of the central nervous system often leading to serious conditions. In case of Mycoplasma genitalium there is strong evidence of having a causative role in non-chlamydia, non-gonococcal urethritis (NCNGU) in men and cervicitis in women. M. genitalium infection has also been associated with pelvic inflammatory disease but the exact role has not yet been determined.
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