EliGene Urine Isolation Kit

Kit: EliGene® Urine Isolation Kit (Ref. 90051-50)
EliGene® Sperm Isolation Supplement (Ref. 90051-50-SPE)
Package size:
50 reactions
Specimens: blood, buccal tissue samples, sperm, urine, swabs (cervical, urethral)
Intended use:
EliGene® Urine Isolation Kit is intended for the isolation of DNA from clinical material.
EliGene® Sperm Isolation Supplement is intended for DNA isolation from the sperm.
CE certification: yes
Isolation technology:
Clinical study description and results:
Within the frame of testing, the functional characteristics of EliGene® Chlamydia trachomatis LC kit overall 120 clinical specimens of urine were analyzed. Before the detection by EliGene® Chlamydia trachomatis LC, DNA from all samples was isolated by the EliGene® Urine Isolation Kit. No inhibition was observed. The effectiveness of this isolation procedure was 100%. It means that from total amount of isolated specimens were isolated 100% of specimens without inhibition.
Many problems like inhibitions, low sensitivity etc. occur when one make the isolation of DNA from clinical samples. EliGene® Urine Isolation Kit is designed to avoid all problems with PCR inhibitors and low yields of DNA. The total time of isolation process is about 1 – 2 hour including incubation. Kit contains all components necessary for the DNA isolation including microtubes. No addition of ethanol or other chemicals is needed.