EliGene MTB Isolation kit

Kit: EliGene® MTB Isolation Kit (Ref. 90043-50)
EliGene® MTB Isolation Supplement (Ref. 12200-MTB-IZO)
Package size:
50 reactions
Specimens: sputum, decontaminated sputum, cultures, BAL, exudates, urine, swabs
Intended use:
EliGene® MTB Isolation Kit is intended for the isolation of bacterial DNA from clinical material 
EliGene® MTB Isolation Supplement is intended for DNA isolation from M. tuberculosis and eventually futher microorganisms (G+) from sputum or cultures by using Maxwell®* 16 FFPE Tissue LEV DNA Purification Kit (Promega).
CE certification: yes
Isolation technology:
silica columns
Clinical study description and results:
Within the frame of testing the functional characteristics of EliGene® MTB Isolation Kit overall 559 clinical specimens were analyzed. From these specimens, 518 blind specimens from Prague region and 41 MTB positive specimens verified by cultivation form Brno region were analyzed. The isolation kit showed 100% sensitivity in isolation of DNA from clinical decontaminated material which means that this procedure for isolation of MTB DNA gives in 100% sufficient amount of MTB DNA for the next DNA diagnostic method. The effectiveness of these isolation procedures is 95,34% which means that from total amount of isolated specimens were isolated 95,34% of specimens without inhibition.
Many problems like inhibitions or low sensitivity occur when one make the isolation of DNA from Mycobacterium species. EliGene® MTB Isolation Kit is designed to avoid all problems with PCR inhibitors and low yields of DNA. The total time of isolation process is about 2 hours including two incubations, each for 30 minutes. Kit contains all components necessary for the DNA isolation including microtubes. No addition of ethanol or other chemicals is needed.
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