EliGene Plant DNA Isolation Kit

Kit: EliGene® Plant DNA Isolation Kit (Ref. 414050P - pestles incl.)
EliGene® Plant DNA Isolation Kit (Ref. 414050 - pestles excl.)
Package size:
50 reactions
Specimens: plant cells (arabidopsis, tobacco, tomato, peach, wild cherry leaves etc.)
Intended use:
genomic DNA from environmental samples
CE certification: no - for researche only
Isolation technology:
silica columns
EliGene® Plant DNA Isolation Kit is the best choice for fast and easy DNA extraction from plant cells. Using the special homogenization pestle together with efficient inhibitor removal chemistry guarantees high DNA yield from different sample types, including arabidopsis, tobacco, tomato, peach or wild cherry leaves. Manual homogenization of the sample takes just a few seconds at the beginning of isolation. Isolated DNA is ready to be used in any downstream applications including PCR, qPCR and Sanger or NGS sequencing. Environmental samples are homogenized in tube by mechanical and chemical methods.