EliGene FFPE Tissue DNA Isolation Kit

Kit: EliGene® FFPE Plant DNA Isolation Kit (Ref. 415050)
Package size:
50 reactions
Specimens: FFPE tissue
Intended use:
genomic DNA
CE certification: no - for researche only
Isolation technology:
silica columns
EliGene® FFPE Tissue DNA Isolation Kit is intended for isolation of genomic DNA from paraffin embedded and formalin fixed tissues. The tissue is released by complete dissolution of the wax by buffer. In the presence of chaotropic agent DNA is bound to the Spin Filter, washed and eluted in Tris-HCl buffer without EDTA. DNA is ready to use in PCR, qPCR and sequencing. There is no need to use xylene or additional ethanol for wax removal. Everything is included in the kit.