Chlamydia trachomatis

Kits: EliGene® Chlamydia trachomatis UNI Kit (ref: 90046-UNI)
Package size:
50 reactions
Analytical specificity: Chlamydia trachomatis, including “Sweden variant“
Analytical sensitivity: 1 – 10 copies of bacterial DNA in the amplified sample
Specimens: urine, swabs (cervical, urethral, conjunctival, rectal), sperm
Compatible instruments:
ABI 7300, ABI 7500 (FAST) (Applied Biosystems); LightCycler® 480, LightCycler® Nano, LightCycler® 2.0 (Roche); RotorGene 6000 or RotorGene Q (Qiagen); MyGo Mini, MyGo Pro (IT-IS Life Science)
CE certification: yes, certified by Notified Body No. 1023, ITC Zlín
Detected DNA region: Chlamydia cryptic plasmid and genome (ompA gene)
Detection technology: Molecular Beacons
Clinical study description and results:
110 clinical samples were analysed using the Elisabeth Pharmacon EliGene® Chlamydia trachomatis test kit and the results were verified using the Cobas Amplicor C. trachomatis test. Of the 110 samples, 51 were correctly identified as positive for C. trachomatis and 59 were negative.
Sensitivity: 100%
Specificity: 100%
Pathogen description:
Chlamydias are gram-negative bacteria that parasitize inside the susceptible cells due their disability to synthesise ATP. Genus Chlamydia covers four known species: C. trachomatis, C. psittaci, C. pecorum and C. pneumoniae when C. psittaci and C. pecorum primary belongs to animal parasites. Chlamydia trachomatis is the most frequently reported sexually transmitted pathogen when up to 10% of population is infected.
Jurstrand M, Christerson L, Klint M, Fredlund H, Unemo M, Herrmann B. 2010. Characterisation of Chlamydia trachomatis by ompA sequencing and multilocus sequence typing in a Swedish county before and after identification of the new variant. Sex Transm Infect. 86(1): 56-60.
Kalwij S, Macintosh M, Baraitser P. 2010. Screening and treatment of Chlamydia trachomatis infections. BMJ. 21: 340:c1915.

Analysis of Positive sample by EliGene® Chlamydia trachomatis LC kit on LightCycler® 2.0 instrument showing results in 530 channel (Chlamydia detection) and 705 channel (Internal Control detection)