DNA isolation kits

Manual extraction kits

EliGene MTB Isolation kit (CE)
Extraction of DNA from Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other bacteria

EliGene Urine Isolation kit (CE)
Extraction of total DNA (including bacterial) from clinical specimens like urine, blood, sperm and swabs.

EliGene Blood DNA Isolation kit (CE coming soon)
Extraction kit is intended for rapid isolation of genomic and mitochondrial DNA from whole blood (fresh, frozen or stored at 4°C) and buffy coat.

EliGene Soil DNA Isolation kit
Primary, the extraction kit is intended for use with environmental samples with a high humic acid content including different soil types such as compost, black soil or manure as well as other common soil types.

Automatic extraction kits for ZEPHYRUS MAGNETO:

MAGNETO BodyFluid DNA/RNA isolation kit

For DNA/RNA isolation from 200 microliters of blood, serum, plasma, buccal swabs, tissues, sperm, urine, synovial fluid, CSF etc.

MAGNETO 1ml Serum/Plasma DNA/RNA isolation kit

For DNA/RNA isolation from HIV, HCV, HBV and other viruses from 1000 microliters of serum or plasma.

(It utilizes many years experience in automated nucleic acid isolation and in combination with EliGene CE IVD kits it provides optimal solution for sensitive, accurate and cost effective diagnostic applications).