Advantages of EliGene® kits

Advantages of EliGene® isolation kits

  • Isolation on columns enable robust and rapid isolation of DNA
  • Special composition of provided reagents and columns guarantees high yields and minimize risk of inhibition during PCR
  • Isolation procedures tested directly with variety of clinical samples covering blood, plasma, serum, sputum, urine, sperm and buccal, cervical, eye, rectal and urethral swabs
  • Kits are CE certified IVD

Advantages of EliGene® detection kits

  • The usage of the Internal Control that allows to monitor the extraction procedure and to check possible PCR inhibition
  • Kits are supplied with positive control that allows quality control of the analysis
  • Simultaneous amplification (multiplex) of DNA/RNA from pathogen and internal control in one PCR tube
  • The usage of Hot-Start technology minimize the risk of non-specific reaction and provide ultimate sensitivity 1-10 copies of nucleic acid/reaction
  • The usage of Ready to use Mastermixes containing all reaction components for easier reaction setup and handling
  • For manufacturing of diagnostic kits, the row material from the leading providers is used to ensure the highest quality of our kits
  • The possibility to use Quantitative Standards to most of the kits enable to calculate precisely the NA load from 102 to 106 copies/reaction
  • High stability of used reagents
  • The usage of EliGene® LC kits enable complete detection in less than one hour
  • Kits are CE certified IVD
  • Kits are validated on LightCycler® 1.2, 2.0 and 480, ABI® 7300, 7500 and 7500FAST
  • Compatibility of the kits with broad range of instruments - RotorGene®, SmartCycler®, Mx3000P® and 3005P® QPCR systems or iQ5® and CFX96® cyclers

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